I'm the planner, AGAIN!

Movie Date with Hubby – Pirates of the Caribbean 5

So the story goes… Hubby wants to watch King Arthur.  In fact, he had been nagging every single day.  And I kept asking him to go and choose a day and time. So today the advertisement sounded on radio again on our way to work, so I said “Today?”.  He said “ok sure.”

Came into office, turned on my screen and saw that there were not many suitable timings (for him).  So I ended up booking for Pirates of the Caribbean instead.  It had been so long since we went on a date. But I doubt today will be any different, which is quite sad.  Gone are the days where we chit chat happily and not care about the world or what tomorrow brings.  Nowadays, a date seems to be a routine movie, dinner and home.  No excitement, nothing.  I do feel sad for myself some times.  Hubby is busy with his work while I am the one who has the most spare time and am expected to be more hands-on with the family – that is a separate whine altogether.

As usual, since the move is 2 hrs long, I wanted to go for the Gold Class seats instead and since GV has a $25 snacks platter, I just went ahead and included it as well.  I bet he will complain later – like I care.  In fact, I may just get a small popcorn later too.

The whole after-work routine will be this:  Knock off, meet at GV, we may still grab some quick dinner (if I’m lucky), movie, home.

boy, I feel special.


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