Why can’t I build a canopy on my patio?

I was excited when I first read that one of the items on the Annual General Meeting (AGM) agenda was to discuss building a canopy for ground floor owners.  It was my first time attending the AGM even though I lived there for 2 years previously.

Along I went with hubby.




Some, if not most of the discussions and points that different owners raised were beyond my comprehension.  Things like “If we extend the coverage of the mobile network to the basement, how much more electricity bill we all have to pay…?” and “Oh! building a canopy will affect the 2nd floor owners and rain will come into my unit…”  I wanted to leave almost immediately.

Anyway, so the agenda was followed and my canopy point was the last.  One of the ground floor owners elaborated the importance of having one because of safety.  Other whispers behind were saying “Oh, the building will look very ugly!” These people, mind you, majority were elderly, were agreeing that appearance was more important than safety.  Needless to say, one silver haired gentleman opposed and all other seniors agreed.  So my kids and I continue to face danger.

Killer litter types were seasonal.  School holidays, I will get water bombs.  On rare occasions, I get clothes metal rods as gifts from upstairs.  MCST and its security do nothing about it.  And now, because the notion was objected, MCST “could” not do anything about it.  First of all, I do not understand why MCST has to ask if ground floor owners can build one.  I understand if MCST has to discuss the by-laws but … why do we need permission to build awning or canopy in the AGM?

Anyway, I was too flustered and angry.  I wrote a mail to BCA asking if I can do anything about this – BCA gave me a list of articles which I didn’t quite understand.  I didn’t want to appear barbaric to MCST, so I gave some of the articles that made sense to MCST and asked them if we could discuss.  It has been 2 days, no response. I gave a chaser today and I have not gotten a response too.  Next step, I will write to the main office an official written letter and ask for their response if I do not hear back from them by end of this week. It is quite sad that I do not hear anything. Maybe I do have to write to both the main office and the Strata board/URA (as advised by BCA) to get some attention.  Hubby told me to write to the forum too but I really do not wish to go to that extend.  Should I or should I not.  A day delayed is another day in danger.



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