Why can’t I build a canopy on my patio?

I was excited when I first read that one of the items on the Annual General Meeting (AGM) agenda was to discuss building a canopy for ground floor owners.  It was my first time attending the AGM even though I lived there for 2 years previously.

Along I went with hubby.




Some, if not most of the discussions and points that different owners raised were beyond my comprehension.  Things like “If we extend the coverage of the mobile network to the basement, how much more electricity bill we all have to pay…?” and “Oh! building a canopy will affect the 2nd floor owners and rain will come into my unit…”  I wanted to leave almost immediately.

Anyway, so the agenda was followed and my canopy point was the last.  One of the ground floor owners elaborated the importance of having one because of safety.  Other whispers behind were saying “Oh, the building will look very ugly!” These people, mind you, majority were elderly, were agreeing that appearance was more important than safety.  Needless to say, one silver haired gentleman opposed and all other seniors agreed.  So my kids and I continue to face danger.

Killer litter types were seasonal.  School holidays, I will get water bombs.  On rare occasions, I get clothes metal rods as gifts from upstairs.  MCST and its security do nothing about it.  And now, because the notion was objected, MCST “could” not do anything about it.  First of all, I do not understand why MCST has to ask if ground floor owners can build one.  I understand if MCST has to discuss the by-laws but … why do we need permission to build awning or canopy in the AGM?

Anyway, I was too flustered and angry.  I wrote a mail to BCA asking if I can do anything about this – BCA gave me a list of articles which I didn’t quite understand.  I didn’t want to appear barbaric to MCST, so I gave some of the articles that made sense to MCST and asked them if we could discuss.  It has been 2 days, no response. I gave a chaser today and I have not gotten a response too.  Next step, I will write to the main office an official written letter and ask for their response if I do not hear back from them by end of this week. It is quite sad that I do not hear anything. Maybe I do have to write to both the main office and the Strata board/URA (as advised by BCA) to get some attention.  Hubby told me to write to the forum too but I really do not wish to go to that extend.  Should I or should I not.  A day delayed is another day in danger.



1 step closer to Retrenchment

I’ve been with the same bank for 12 years now, working my way up from an analyst to a department head.  I was first introduced to retrenchment when I was still an AVP – where my first thoughts were “terrifying” and “devastating” to those who were let go.  As years go by, more and more retrenchments happened to the point that I was actually envious of those who left.

Those who remained e.g. me expand our scopes to support more functions and stretch ourselves horizontally.  Not that I mind, as I love to learn new things.  But when it comes to Remuneration Day, it just dawn on me that there didn’t seem to be any appreciation.  Others get promoted while I’m still here.  Some get tiered such that other VPs report to them – i.e. targeted for next round of promotion.

I am not the ambitious kind who wish to climb up further.  However, when people around me move up, there is an actualization thought which makes me ponder.  Am I that lousy or those people have abilities that I haven’t seen.  My appraisals and feedback had always been good, and according to whatever the Management said, I was one of the top few people around.  But somehow, I do not feel it, I don’t feel appreciated.  I remember through out all my 12 year tenure, all I had was a “Thank You” card for my 10 yr anniversary.  People before me had vouchers, Mont Blanc pens and Gold coins.  But nope, I have always had the worst timing where such tokens were withdrawn just before I hit each milestone.

In recent 3-4 years, the organization made me a workshop for patching holes in processes and teams.  After patching, I hand over to the next VP to take over while I sort the next battleground.  In the end, I get no credit and no appreciation.  What made me so heart-broken was when the Management chose to retain another VP over me.  Putting it nicely, I was given the opportunity to move out of a line role and into a project (which ultimately, as you might have already guessed, a programme role).  This was good for my career development – but there’s a catch.  This project role will also come to end at end of 2017 and I will end up in the same fate of getting my “golden handshake”.  If I chose to remain in my role, both the retained VP and I would be reporting to another VP whom I absolutely detest and they knew it.  It’s a no brainer what my choice was.

Anyway, I am highly adaptable, so initially I did struggle in a project role – after all, I was so used to managing people and suddenly I have no one.  But what I did wrong was to allow myself to rescind from a senior VP to a junior one.  I lost my self confidence and people could see it.  And I hated myself for that and showing that too. That aside, people were still coming to me about issues on my old role.  As much as I helped, people were still coming.  Not only that, I have the Management team also coming to me.  My thought process – Why didn’t they go to their 1st choice VP instead???  During transition, I spent so much time running through what I knew and at their bloody request, set up a database to document what I knew.  Sometimes I really want to bash my head against the wall – it doesn’t pay to be considerate/have stewardship at work at all.  Later I learnt that I was apparently blamed (as expected everywhere in the working society) for not passing down knowledge.  Even my ex-team kept coming back to me for advice.  After a year, I decided enough is enough.  Every query that comes, I make sure that VP knows – no more people coming to me via chats to ask questions and not make known to others that they actually consulted me.  It’s time to be cruel – but in my heart, I feel so sad.  This reality really shows that people do take advantage whenever they can.  Sad to say, even though I know it, there’s still a part of me where I still think caring is a virtue.

*wiping tears*

Now, I have much fewer queries and I know face more difficult situation as my current role comes near to an end.  I am one of the last scheduled to leave – no surprises there.  And as usual, the last one will be the dumping ground.  Yeah. Not forgetting, I have a nice boss (Director) who seem to volunteer my services everywhere.  I have ample spare time on my hands so I do not mind, but there is no appreciation too.  I have not heard of an Ops programme manager who needs to reach out to client to close account. Such a failure I am.  All I can say is, it takes a very strong person to be in a role where you are the department, Management does not care about your existence because what you do and support do not affect them, no one will bother to help you when you have queries and there is an end date.

I had been looking at Internal mobility, but there hasn’t been any that excites me.  And speaking with the different managers, it seems that I’m not valued either.  It’s very different in the sense that I have no interest in small talks and generate noises.  I prefer taking 1 step back, analyze and hit the nail on its head.  There are just too many noise makers in the local management that makes me nauseous.  It is time to leave, albeit at a depressing tune after 12+ years of service.  The 12 year reputation that I made for myself has all gone down the drain…

I drag myself to work everyday and some days, I do not even go in to office.  No one cares.  I just work from home and as expected, my phone rarely rings and my mailbox is never flooded as it used to be.

Looking externally, there isn’t much opportunities in Singapore too.  I’ve been trying to console myself that I should take a break and maybe take a step back and chill.  Expenses wise, we will need to cut back on luxuries – maid, and maybe childcare and I can stay home and be a tiger mum.  We shall see.  There’s still at least 4 -6 months to go and I will let nature take its course.

Stay tuned for developments!




I'm the planner, AGAIN!

Movie Date with Hubby – Pirates of the Caribbean 5

So the story goes… Hubby wants to watch King Arthur.  In fact, he had been nagging every single day.  And I kept asking him to go and choose a day and time. So today the advertisement sounded on radio again on our way to work, so I said “Today?”.  He said “ok sure.”

Came into office, turned on my screen and saw that there were not many suitable timings (for him).  So I ended up booking for Pirates of the Caribbean instead.  It had been so long since we went on a date. But I doubt today will be any different, which is quite sad.  Gone are the days where we chit chat happily and not care about the world or what tomorrow brings.  Nowadays, a date seems to be a routine movie, dinner and home.  No excitement, nothing.  I do feel sad for myself some times.  Hubby is busy with his work while I am the one who has the most spare time and am expected to be more hands-on with the family – that is a separate whine altogether.

As usual, since the move is 2 hrs long, I wanted to go for the Gold Class seats instead and since GV has a $25 snacks platter, I just went ahead and included it as well.  I bet he will complain later – like I care.  In fact, I may just get a small popcorn later too.

The whole after-work routine will be this:  Knock off, meet at GV, we may still grab some quick dinner (if I’m lucky), movie, home.

boy, I feel special.


To Continue Renting or Move back??

Why do all these things always happen to me?  2 years ago, Hubs and I made a decision to move out from our little condo in AMK and try out landed living.  We rented out our place to this other couple (Ang Moh husband, Singaporean wife, her sister and 2 kids).  This was, looking back, quite an insensible move but we did it anyway.

Why insensible?

  1. Made a loss of at least SGD$1K a month
  2. The taxes (property AND income) that I paid really were adding to my woes
  3. The Neighbour next door was really noisy (I wouldn’t have known earlier)
  4. The appliances at the Terrace house looks like it is falling – lights off, toilet flushes don’t do their job, flooring keep creaking…

Why it sounded great at that time?

  1. Very near to School
  2. Space was much bigger and I could store all my rubbish
  3. Private living and cool to stay in a Terrace
  4. Able to host gatherings and parties
  5. So near to the Markets and Food eateries

A number of factors still remain very appealing to me to continue renting. However, I’m very confident that I will not be able to rent out my condo at a higher price than now.  In fact, I don’t even think I will be able to rent it at the same price at all!

Alternatively, I thought of selling my condo and get another bigger place.  But guess what, property prices are bad and maybe it has got to do with the agent I hired too… the pictures were not nicely taken.  Oh well, it’s been 3 months now and no takers.

I guess I will be moving back. I do miss my dear old oven though.  Hope the tenant did not ruin too much of my stuff!

Oh dear, I really dread the packing and unpacking again.  Do hope that I can declutter as many items as I can.

*fingers crossed*

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1st Experience: Healing Touch Spa Slimming Trial!

I usually am not a fan of looking at advertisements that flash on FaceBook.  But this caught my attention because it said “No Hardselling”.  There are hardly any reviews on their slimming experience so I decided to try it out for myself. There are, however, lots of rave reviews on their massages and spa!

* This is a self funded trip!*

There is a trial promotion for 1st timers for about $40, normal price per session is I think $250.

Anyway, I signed up for it online, and noticed that they have an online booking facility too!  Cool!

I was undecided between their outlet at Orchid Country Club and Upper Thomson, and finally decided on Orchid Country Club since it was their newer branch.

Interestingly enough, I had to place a $10 deposit to secure an appointment.  Learnt from them that there had been a number of “no-shows” so this is to sieve out genuine clients.  How sad.

The place was hard to find at first because I alighted at the wrong building.  I should have alighted at the building where Orchid Bowling and NTUC were. Lesson Learnt.

I was greeted by 2 friendly ladies – my mind was like was “oh, here comes a potential sucker!” *sigh*

As usual, I was whisked to a tiny room and the consultant explained what she would do and what the treatment does, along with a list of questionnaire on my lifestyle and diet. After the consultation, I was whisked again to the treatment room.

First, my measurement was taken on 3 areas of my waist.  Afterall, if I do not lose 5 cm or more, the trial would be FREE.  I took note of where they took the measurements and tried to “expand” my waist too.  Wanted to take a photo too, but seeing my bulging tummy and publishing it on the WWW is not exactly flattering.  So, sorry folks!  No pics!

If you are really keen on pics, do go to Healing Touch website Continue reading “1st Experience: Healing Touch Spa Slimming Trial!”