To Continue Renting or Move back??

Why do all these things always happen to me?  2 years ago, Hubs and I made a decision to move out from our little condo in AMK and try out landed living.  We rented out our place to this other couple (Ang Moh husband, Singaporean wife, her sister and 2 kids).  This was, looking back, quite an insensible move but we did it anyway.

Why insensible?

  1. Made a loss of at least SGD$1K a month
  2. The taxes (property AND income) that I paid really were adding to my woes
  3. The Neighbour next door was really noisy (I wouldn’t have known earlier)
  4. The appliances at the Terrace house looks like it is falling – lights off, toilet flushes don’t do their job, flooring keep creaking…

Why it sounded great at that time?

  1. Very near to School
  2. Space was much bigger and I could store all my rubbish
  3. Private living and cool to stay in a Terrace
  4. Able to host gatherings and parties
  5. So near to the Markets and Food eateries

A number of factors still remain very appealing to me to continue renting. However, I’m very confident that I will not be able to rent out my condo at a higher price than now.  In fact, I don’t even think I will be able to rent it at the same price at all!

Alternatively, I thought of selling my condo and get another bigger place.  But guess what, property prices are bad and maybe it has got to do with the agent I hired too… the pictures were not nicely taken.  Oh well, it’s been 3 months now and no takers.

I guess I will be moving back. I do miss my dear old oven though.  Hope the tenant did not ruin too much of my stuff!

Oh dear, I really dread the packing and unpacking again.  Do hope that I can declutter as many items as I can.

*fingers crossed*