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1st Experience: Healing Touch Spa Slimming Trial!

I usually am not a fan of looking at advertisements that flash on FaceBook.  But this caught my attention because it said “No Hardselling”.  There are hardly any reviews on their slimming experience so I decided to try it out for myself. There are, however, lots of rave reviews on their massages and spa!

* This is a self funded trip!*

There is a trial promotion for 1st timers for about $40, normal price per session is I think $250.

Anyway, I signed up for it online, and noticed that they have an online booking facility too!  Cool!

I was undecided between their outlet at Orchid Country Club and Upper Thomson, and finally decided on Orchid Country Club since it was their newer branch.

Interestingly enough, I had to place a $10 deposit to secure an appointment.  Learnt from them that there had been a number of “no-shows” so this is to sieve out genuine clients.  How sad.

The place was hard to find at first because I alighted at the wrong building.  I should have alighted at the building where Orchid Bowling and NTUC were. Lesson Learnt.

I was greeted by 2 friendly ladies – my mind was like was “oh, here comes a potential sucker!” *sigh*

As usual, I was whisked to a tiny room and the consultant explained what she would do and what the treatment does, along with a list of questionnaire on my lifestyle and diet. After the consultation, I was whisked again to the treatment room.

First, my measurement was taken on 3 areas of my waist.  Afterall, if I do not lose 5 cm or more, the trial would be FREE.  I took note of where they took the measurements and tried to “expand” my waist too.  Wanted to take a photo too, but seeing my bulging tummy and publishing it on the WWW is not exactly flattering.  So, sorry folks!  No pics!

If you are really keen on pics, do go to Healing Touch website Continue reading “1st Experience: Healing Touch Spa Slimming Trial!”